Walking the walk

Kiss the lips to see who else is being sinful this week

There have been whispers on twitter from regular posters… “I don’t keep outtakes… what shall I post?”

Until very recently, I used to delete anything I didn’t perceive to be perfect, especially if I didn’t think it showed me in a flattering light. I have a very tight frame of what images I allow of myself and don’t take pictures where I appear very often, either as selfies or as the catalog of family life. There are whole holidays without a single sign I was ever there.

I am trying to be more open minded. I see amazing images from other bloggers and keep pictures I’m not sure. Come back to them a little while later to see if I’ve changed my mind with distance.

There is a difference between a photo that didn’t work like this, because the shadows and focus were wrong… and something where I didn’t like the way my body looked in the image.

I loved the intent of this shot… and the lovely husband behind the camera loves it, and in its uncropped form with even more wobbly bits highlighted in the heated light of the chimneria and I guess posting it is an act of defiance against myself for feeling ashamed of said wobbly bits. For missing the mark with body confidence. Because if this was someone else’s body I’d be seeing different things in the image, focusing on different things…

There is one last photo from this fab child-free evening, but I’m saving that as illustration for Kink of the Week, as obviously these are outside photos…It is in my view the best picture, but there is part of me on it I hate, so I resisted posting it to begin with. Coming back to it a few weeks later, looking at it as if it were on someone else’s blog, I’m now committing to using it.


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  1. Wow! These images made me catch my breath. The rope is like sexy webbing, and imagining how it must feel around you and what you got up to trussed up and made submissive – Unf!
    SExy share indeed!

  2. These are fabulous, I’m a big fan of rope photos that show the rope, but don’t necessarily show you the whole scene, I think I like the tease of ‘look what we did, but not quite know how we did it’ type thing. I shall definitely be keeping an eye for the other photo in this set for kink of the week, can’t wait to see that too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. OMG Alethea, that last shot is absolutely stunning. The images before that, with the rope, those are really lovely and the creativity with the rope is gorgeous, but the last shot… STUNNING. Thank you so much for taking the step to share it with us!

    Rebel xox

  4. Beautiful. And I know how you feel. I am so much more critical of my body than anyone else’s. It takes time and effort to love what you’ve got. .I hope this experience helps you ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yes I’m with Victoria on this. Well done for your bravery, thanks for sharing these images. In the last one you look like an ancient goddess. And I have serious rope envy too…

  6. I think these are all amazing but I am constantly drawn back to the 1st one, it is like a puzzle trying to work out what I am seeing and I really like it


  7. These are wonderful! The light and shadows along with the rope give a real sense of mystery, but the last photo, with your arms raised, even though you are tied, it looks like you are a sorceress coming your army or something. It’s so cool and powerful and beautiful. Bravo to you for posting (and going to be posting) something brave. I know how it feels to worry about sharing photos showing parts I like less, and can only say that Sinful Sunday more than anything has helped me with that.

  8. I just love rope work images and these are all absolutely stunning, I especially love to see the detail in the rope and the anticipation in the pose and youโ€™ve beautifully captured both.

  9. That is a good exercise…to keep the photos and then come back to them later. And you are right, if we were looking at our own images from the perspective of another, we would see them for what they were rather than focusing in on the things about ourselves that we don’t like.

    Can’t wait to see the final image.

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