Soft Focus

Kiss the lips to see who else is being Sinful this Sunday

If you’ve been to my my blog before the following statement will not come as a surprise.

I like to follow instructions.

Although it is a prompt not a hard and fast instruction, my brain can only take it one way.

Soft I have in abundance. It was the focus I was lacking.

In odd moments, this weekend has been a sea of curses as I tried multiple approaches to getting a soft focus on a camera phone, where an appropriate downloadable filter was not available. I tried different fabrics, but due to scars I have a tendency to wear 50+denier even in skin tone tights, so that idea was a no go. I got out the clingfilm and various slightly sticky substances but nothing seemed to quite work how I wanted it.

A couple of interesting shots down though, but nothing quite right, Mr Hunt and his techie know-how can charging over the horizon.

6 Replies to “Soft Focus”

  1. This is such a stunning composition and the use of perspective and focal point is so creative. I love the warm sensual glow here and the relaxed atmosphere, really beautiful!

  2. I’m glad we weren’t the only ones faffing about with clingfilm and sticky substances. We had to give up in the end.

    This picture looks beautifully delicate though.

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