Wet Look

Kiss the lips to see who else is feeling Sinful this Sunday

Things have been pretty full on here during lockdown. We are used to having school and extra carers to help carry the load of three autistic children, and then, just before the UK went into total lockdown, our au pair/additional hands decided to go home and ride it out in Spain rather than deal with empty supermarkets and opaque rules. I think if we could have gone to, we might, as, being rule driven, I prefered the clarity there to the mixture of duty and personal responsibility and waffle and the lack of science here.

I digress… but the important thing is that the resources to avoid three young people and their detritus to take photos or get my head into gear for a blog post are thin on the ground for me and for the lovely Mr Hunt. Our standing Thursday morning date in an empty house is one of the things I miss most.

The garden is a massive bonus. A relatively small space that, if we hadn’t strategically planted trees in the last ten years, would be overlooked by more than 16 windows in 4 other homes, manages to be a private oasis. We are out there most nights, in the spa or in a gazebo on the deck that contains an outdoor bed.

9.40pm on a Saturday evening and finally the children are in their bedrooms listening to audio books through noise cancelling headphones and finally we are alone.

And down comes the rain…

…so we make the most of it.

Photos are fun. I get pushy and demanding and Mr Hunt is long suffering until we are done and I’m happy and then (lucky me) I get to pay the piper for my behaviour. It’s the nearest I get to being bratty.

I must have been extra bossy getting these… it was a very late night, last night.

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  1. I have found myself really enjoying going for walks in the rain during this, actually taking time to feel it rather than rushing for cover.

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